Hassan Al-Razi

Hassan is working on molecular phylogenetic and conservations of the herpetofauna. His main research interest lies on crypticity of little known amphibians, their micro habitat use, distribution pattern and the effect of anthropogenic activities. Previously, he worked on the taxonomy of cryptic amphibians of Bangladesh, focusing on north-eastern Bangladesh. Hassan employed molecular, morphometric and advertisement call approaches to describe amphibian species and added a few species to the national checklist of Bangladesh. Beside the herpetofauna, he is also interested in the ecology of nocturnal mammals. You can find his research on Research Gate.

Hassan正在研究两栖爬行动物的分子系统发育和保护学。他的主要兴趣在于研究鲜为人知的两栖动物的隐蔽性、它们的微栖息地利用、分布模式和人类活动的影响。此前,他致力于孟加拉国的隐蔽两栖动物的分类学研究,重点关注于孟加拉国东北部。Hassan采用分子学、形态测定和叫声记录等方法来描述两栖物种,并在孟加拉国家清单中增加了一些物种。除了两栖爬行类,他还对夜行性哺乳动物的生态学感兴趣。你可以在Research Gate上找到他的研究。

Hassan Al-Razi

Johanna Ambu

Johanna joined the lab for a PhD but was forced to transfer due to the pandemic. Johanna’s principal interest were in the field of animal behaviour, in relation with environmental and anthropogenic threats, and social interaction between species. Johanna进入实验室攻读博士学位,但是由于新冠疫情被迫转学。她的主要兴趣在动物行为领域,与环境和人类威胁以及物种间的社会交互有关。

Ambu J. & Borzée A. (2021). First record of putative necrophilia in Huanren brown frogs (Anura: Ranidae: Rana huanrenensis). Herpetology Notes. 14: 43-44.