PhD students

Vishal Kumar Prasad

Vishal is using bioacustic techniques to study the behavioural ecology of some groups of frogs in Asia (primarily in China, Korea, Russia and India) for his PhD.  His principal interest lies in understanding social and reproductive communications, systematics and conservation of amphibians using observational and experimental approach. He also spends his time collecting data of habitat niche and resource partitioning between some sympatric elusive and threatened species and likes to contribute to their conservation. In his previous projects, he has worked on diversity and ecology of herpetofauna in Central Indian Highlands and Western Ghats of India; and have also worked on the systematics of anurans in Eastern Indian biogeographic region of Chota Nagpur plateau in Jharkhand.

Vishal pic

Johanna Ambu

Johanna’s principal interest lies in the field of animal behaviour, in relation with environmental and anthropogenic threats, and social interaction between species. She wished to devote her life to the conservation of animals. She previously worked on breeding microhabitat selection for several amphibians species in the Republic of Korea and during her PhD she will use drones to study the distribution and abundance of amphibian species, focusing on Dryophytes immaculatus.


Johanna Ambu