Behavioural ecology

The lab and PI focus on behavioural ecology falls into a broad scope, including social interactions in primates (e.g. gibbons), breeding behaviour of amphibians (pond frogs), breeding habitat preferences (treefrogs), interactions between breeding activity and farming (treefrogs), mass displacement (salamanders), relationship with invasive species (toads and brown frogs) and other subject such as the impact of predation (birds on brown frogs) and fluorescence (butterfly and gecko).

实验室和PI对行为生态学的研究范围很广,包括灵长类的社交互动行为(如 gibbons ),两栖类的繁殖行为(如 pond frogs ),繁殖栖息地的偏好(如 treefrogs ),繁殖行为与农业种植间的相互作用(如treefrogs ),群体迁移(如 salamanders ),与入侵物种的关系(如toads  和  brown frogs ),以及其他的一些课题,诸如捕食带来的影响(如 birds on brown frogs )和荧光( butterfly  和  gecko )。

Gibbon behavioural ecology
An example of social interactions in the Javan gibbon, a species endemic to Java in Indonesia