Yucheol Shin

Yucheol’s primary research in the lab is focused on investigating morphological changes of Korean herpetofauna through time. He is doing it by analyzing morphological characteristics of vouchered museum specimens. He is also involved in other ongoing lab projects investigating herpetofauna roadkill in the Republic of Korea and predicting range shifts of Korean amphibians in response to climate change. Yucheol在实验室的主要研究是调查韩国两栖爬行动物随着时间的形态变化。他主要是通过分析博物馆提供标本的形态特征来完成这项工作的。他还参与了其他正在进行的实验室项目,包括调查大韩民国的爬山虎捕杀行为,并预测韩国两栖动物在应对气候变化时的活动范围变化等。

His previous research projects in the lab include cataloging the herpetology collection of the Ewha Womans University Natural History Museum (EWNHM). Although he is maintaining a broad interest in ecology and evolutionary biology, he is especially interested in phylogenetic systematics and phylogeography of East and Southeast Asian herpetofauna. 他以前在实验室的研究项目包括为韩国EWA女子大学自然历史博物馆(EWNHM)的 两栖爬行动物类藏品编目。尽管他对生态学和进化生物学保持着广泛的兴趣,但他对东亚和东南亚两栖爬行类的系统发育学和系统地理学尤其感兴趣。

Before joining the lab, he worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology lab at the California State University, Monterey Bay and as a research assistant at the Ewha Womans University. 在加入实验室之前,他曾在蒙特利湾加利福尼亚州立大学陆地野生动物生态实验室担任本科生研究员,并在EWHA女子大学担任科研助理。


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Yucheol Shin
Shin Yucheol