Hina Amin

Hina is working on the ecology of phylogeography of Pelophylax species in east Asia, with a focus on the impact of habitat use on morphology and the introgression patterns between P. nigromaculatus and the P. plancyi group. Hina’s full research is available from Research Gate.

Hina正在研究东亚Pelophylax物种的系统地理学生态学,重点是栖息地使用对形态的影响,以及P. nigromaculatus和P. plancyi之间的渗入模式。Hina的完整研究可从Research Gate获取。


Amin H., Messenger K.R., Borzée A. (2021) First record of heterospecific amplexus between Pelophylax plancyi (Lataste, 1880) and P. nigromaculatus (Hallowell, 1861) from Nanjing, China. Herpetology Notes. 14: 773-774.

Othman N.S., Putri T.E., Messenger R.K., Bae Y., Yang Y., Bova T., Reed T., Amin H., Chuang M-F., Jang Y. & Borzée A. (2021). Impact of south-central Asian orogenesis on Kaloula spp. (Anura: Microhylidae) radiation and implication of Pleistocene glaciation on population extension to northern latitudes. Integrative Zoology. XX:XX. DOI: 10.1111/1749-4877.12538

Amin H., Borzée A & Messenger K. (2020). Rana zhenhaiensis (Zhenhai brown frog). Predation. Herpetological Review. 51(2): 304.