Deyatima Ghosh

Dr. Ghosh received a Ph.D. from University of Calcutta on Zoology (Ecology) in the year 2021, and looked into the impact of agricultural intensification on herpetofaunal community and their ecosystem service provisioning during her doctoral research.



I am trying to understand how animals do what they do?


My approach towards science is interdisciplinary. I am primarily interested in animal behavior, cognition and how this translates into the ecosystem services they deliver.


Dr. Deyatima Ghosh. Deyatima Ghosh博士

In my current project I looked into the biological pest regulation of reptiles using Calotes versicolor as a model animal.  I mainly studied how underlying cognitive processes like learning, remembering, decision-making, discrimination etc. influence the pest regulation ability. I wish to extend this work into studying the cognition of hybridogenetic amphibian species and whether they can make better pest regulators than the parental species. Though my model group is majorly the cold-bloods, my future projects will include birds specifically owls and what roles they play as pest regulators.


Calotes versicolor. 变色树蜥

Another domain I work on is the acoustics of amphibians. My current project looked into the call properties and the sound source perception in the Blue-eyed yellow bush frog or Raorchestes luteolus, an endemic frog in the Western Ghats. In near future I want to explore female decision making in amphibians.

我研究的另一个领域是两栖动物声学。我目前的项目研究了Raorchestes luteolus(树蛙科)的叫声特性和声源感知,这是西高止山脉特有的一种蛙。在不久的将来,我想探索两栖动物中的雌性决策。

Raorchestes luteolus (树蛙科)

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Currently I am also working as a visiting researcher at University of Lincoln, United Kingdom.