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May 2023. The National Geographic Kids China (环球少年地理) ran a story on the Immaculate treefrogs (Dryophytes immaculatus) and the research conducted in the lab!

April 2023. The Yangsan Clawed Salamander and the sympatric Kori Salamander are attracting a lot of attention, covered by the KFEM internal press, the Yangsan Simin Simmun, and OhMyNews.

March 2023. Interview on amphibian, and Giant Salamander, conservation by LifeGate, in English and Italian.

March 2023. Interview about amphibians in DPR Korea with Suddeutsche Zeitung.

February 2023. Coverage of the Korean amphibian breeding phenology paper by the Network of European Researchers in Biology and Medicine in China.

January 2023. Coverage of amphibian conservation needs in Korea by News Penguin.

December 2022. Publication on hippopotamus decline in Ghana covered by Science Daily and Mirage.

December 2022. Meeting of the administration of Yangsan city, city council, and development site to protect salamanders, covered by KNN, News Penguin, Kyeongnam Sinmun, Busan Ilbo and Oh my News.

Gyeongnam domin ilbo

November 2022. Coverage of the PI’s research on treefrog conservation in the Yellow Sea Basin by Research Features online, and also in print.

October 2022. Online symposium with government representatives from the city of Yangsan, the eponymous city of the newly described Onychodactylus sillanus, whom consider protecting the species! Covered online by idomin 1, idomin 2, GyeongNam Ilbo and Asia Gyeongjae! The event was also covered by the printed press.

Gyeongnam Daily News
Ulsan Sinmun
Kyeongnam Maeil
Gyeongnam Domin Ilbo

August 2022. The search for the Chinese immaculate treefrog, a cover story by CFCA maomong.

August 2022. The description of Yangsan clawed salamander is picked up by several news outlets, including OhMyNews, NewsPenguin, Hankyoreh, NaverNews, KNN, NewsIs, Busan Ilbo, Responsible Herpeto Culture, Scientia Now, NoCutNews, KyongNam Ilbo, KyongNam News, and idomin.

July 2022. Our recent publication on ecologically friendly irrigation ditches has been covered by the kid science magazine Donga Science.

Donga Science. July 2022.

June 2022. The interview about the threatened salamanders in Yangsan in Korea has been covered by NewsPenguin.

May 2022. An older research on the impact of concrete ditches on frogs has resurfaced in the news covered by NewsPenguin.

May 2022. The outcome of the workshop on the conservation of salamanders in Yangsan was followed up online by Ilsan Ilbo, StraightNews, OhMyNews and GN News, and in press by Yangsan Ilbo!

Yangsan Ilbo. 13 May 2022.

May 2022. The work on the conservation of salamanders in Yangsan, Korea, and a small symposium on the subject was covered by OhMyNews!

April 2022. The lab is on Radio, with Vishal interviewed by Live Broadcast Recording on Kumaun Vani Radio Station about the project Save amphibians of Nainital (see 1:40 min).

March 2022. News coverage about the description of the Geojae salamanders in Gyeonnam Ilbo, Pressian, KPE News, Saegeoje News, Domin, Hwankyeong Ilbo.

October 2021. News coverage by Hankyoreh of our paper on the impact of climate change on Clawed salamanders in Korea.

October 2021. News coverage of threats to Giant salamanders and amphibians, with a short interview in Sixth Tone.

September 2021. News coverage of our paper in Global Change Biology by The Wildlife Society.

July 2021. News coverage about the article on amphibians of DPR Korea in Animals [1] [in Korean], followed by a longer article on PI’s carreer and research in DPR Korea online [in Korean], and in press!

The Hankyoreh. pp 23. 2 August 2021.

November 2020. News coverage about the article in Trends in Ecology and Evolution. In English [1], [2], [5], German [3], [6], Indonesian [4].

October 2020. Interviewed about the impact of a paper on the modeling of bird ranges in relation with climate change by Science! Same article translated [1], [2] [in Chinese].

October 2020. The lab got involved in applied conservation to save frogs from being trapped in irrigation ditches! [1], [2], [3] [in Korean]

June 2020. The new Treefrog species endemic to the Republic of Korea made it to the news and here as well! [in Korean]

May 2020. The Suweon Treefrog was found in the DPR Korea, and the national media introduced it! [in Korean]

March 2020. Saving toads! During field work in Korea, we came across more than 300 toads trapped in fish-nets. The species being protected, saving them with a local environmental NGO was reported in the news [1] and [2]. [in Korean]

February 2020. First time in the news: Nature news! A short post reporting on the life on campus in Feb 2020, when the Corona virus outbreak was still a new thing.

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