Awareness program about amphibian conservation in Nainital district

Participants of the awareness program on the 18th of March 2022

Vishal and his team organised on the 18th of March 2022 an awareness program on amphibians conservation for the children of Simayal village in the Nainital district in India. It was a two hours long event that included a short talk, a poster competition, and refreshments for about 20 children. Due to exams period, it’s difficult to conduct such event in a school and initially they didn’t expect much from the village children in terms of involvement and enthusiasm for toads and frogs, but surprisingly children were really excited about the amphibian stories.

Short talk on amphibian conservation

They tried to ignite their young minds with frog picture and videos and they all enjoyed the session and learned about amphibians that are found in their vicinity. Vishal hopes that this will bring some interest in the local anuran species. The children made some really cool posters and Mansi Raikwal (ninths grade) made the best poster with frog eggs, tadpole and adult frogs with a message about saving amphibians of Nainital district.

Best poster of the competition on amphibian conservation!

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