Vishal Kumar Prasad

Vishal is using multi-dimensional approach: bioacoustics, genetics and morphological traits to study the behavioural ecology of some groups of amphibians in Asia (primarily in India, China and South Korea) for his PhD.  His principal interest lies in understanding social and reproductive communications and mechanisms responsible.


He believes that the sound scientific evidences are crucial for conservation. Understanding the ecology and behaviour of animals are the way for effective biological conservation. More than just being a typical academic scholar, he likes to follow his curiosity and instinct in research. He is inspired by Nikola Tesla and his passion for science. 

他认为可靠的科学证据对保护至关重要。了解动物的生态和行为是十分有效的保护途径。他不仅是一个典型的学术型学者,他还喜欢跟随自己的好奇心和直觉来进行研究。他的灵感来自Nikola Tesla以及他对科学的热情。

His affection for animals and nature keeps him motivated for studying them. In his previous projects, he has worked on diversity, ecology and behaviour of amphibians in Western Ghats, Eastern India, Central India and Himalayas.


You can find his research on Research Gate.

你可以在Research Gate找到他的研究成果。

Vishal Kumar Prasad


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