Some good news from the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, India! Our lab member Vishal Kumar Prasad and his team and colleagues organised a major awareness and education program: ‘Saving Amphibians of Nainital Himalaya’ on 2nd April 2022 for school students (age under 15) in Aarohi Peora, Nainital district. With the decline in covid-19 cases locally and further relaxation in restrictions, they were allowed to organise this program in villages.

Vishal Kumar Prasad explaining about amphibian conservation to students in Nainital

The program included an interactive session on the research of endemic amphibians. Vishal presented his research work on the frogs and toads, natural history, importance, and threats the amphibians are facing in the Himalayan landscape. The team also organised some activities like memory games and the most exclusive the ‘FROG RACE!’ The winning team was awarded with prizes and certificates. All students enjoyed refreshments after a tiring ‘Frog Race’. Good teamwork was displayed by students in these group activities. This shows children are the hope for future conservation.

The ‘Frog Race’

Interestingly, there was a pre-assessment of the existing knowledge of children about amphibians by providing them a questionnaire (10 questions). This activity will be monitored after imparting further knowledge to the children to see how their perspective has changed over a period of time.  

Participants of the awareness and education program: ‘Saving Amphibians of Nainital Himalaya’

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