Saving the amphibians of the Himalayas

Text by Vishal Kumar Prasad

Vishal Kumar Prasad giving a talk

We are happy to share some updates from the people in our lab working in the Himalayas, India. This week we organised an amphibian conservation talk in Mukteshwar hill town to encourage local youths and public to protect the amphibians of Himalayas. Due to COVID-19 restriction, many people couldn’t join the talk but we are glad that some passionate young nature guides of the ‘Nature in Mukteshwar’ group made it to the event. Participants were very much interested and happy to learn about frogs of their region. We believe it takes positive intent and some efforts to educate people in the right direction and with consistency locals can pick up and get well on knowledge of their own local biodiversity. Without participation of local communities, no conservation program is successful. A big thanks to Ram and Ghazala for arranging everything! This program was organised under a grant received from Rufford Foundation, United Kingdom. We hope our work in the Himalayas will ignite many young minds to start thinking to save amphibians of the Himalayas!

Participants of the workshop
Vishal Kumar Prasad giving a talk
The team supporting Vishal Kumar Prasad’s project
Landscape of Mukteshwar

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