The graphical summary – acoustic behaviour of two syntopic and elusive balloon frogs

Graphical summary of the findings of the study

An easy-to-read graphical summary of the findings of our recently published study on the acoustic behaviour of two syntopic balloon frogs species (also available on video). The balloon frogs of the genus Uperodon remain understudied for their behaviour and ecology due to their highly fossorial and secretive life. The focal species, the Marbled Balloon frog and the Indian Balloon frog, appear above ground for a short period to breed at the onset of monsoon season in the month of June and July in the Indian subcontinent.

The study provides 1) the first description of the vocal repertoire of Uperodon systoma and Uperodon globulosus, 2) demonstrates the divergence in the call properties between the two species, 3) describes partitioning in the calling microhabitat niche between the two species based on calling location of male frogs in the waterbody, 4) determine the individual recognition potential through individual vocal signatures for each species.

The study highlights the potential of pre-mating isolation, character displacement, and size-based assortative mating in the two syntopic fossorial frog species, leading to an association between acoustic, calling microhabitat niche and body index divergence as important behavioural and ecological traits.

Link of the research article:

Watch the promotional video:

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