Siti N. Othman

Dr. Othman joined the lab for a post doc in September 2021. Siti attended Ewha Womans University in South Korea and received a Ph.D. in EcoScience for a thesis entitled ‘the phylogeography, systematic and evolution of selected East Asian anurans: past, present and future’. Siti mostly works on assessing the patterns of eco-phylogeography of Eastern Asian anurans, covering few widespread genera in this region such as true toads (Bufo sp.), microhylids frogs (Kaloula sp.) and true frogs (Rana sp.). The assessments explore the differentiation in the co-evolutionary interactions under climatic variability between and among focal genera.

Othman博士于2021年9月作为博士后加入了实验室. Siti就读于韩国Ewha女子大学并获得博士学位。她在《EcoScience》杂志上发表了题为“the phylogeography, systematic and evolution of selected East Asian anurans: past, present and future”的论文。Siti主要致力于评估东亚无尾两栖类生态系统地理学的模式,包括该地区少数广泛分布的属,如真蟾蜍(Bufo sp.)、小棘蛙(Kaloula sp.)和真蛙(Rana sp.)。这些评估探讨了在气候变化下,焦点属和焦点属之间协同进化相互作用的差异。

Proficient in bioinformatics and specialising on Bayesian approaches for advanced phylogenetic, phylogeography, species delimitation and population genetic analyses, Siti recently worked on interactions between landscapes for other widespread anuran species in East Asia, such as the Mongolian Desert Toad, Strauchbufo raddei. In the future, Siti is interested in diverse fields, ranging from evolutionary biology of plants and animal taxa in paddy field landscapes and the impact of anthropogenic activities on genetic pattern of wildlife for a better conservation management.

Siti精通生物信息学,擅长种群遗传学分析、系统地理学、物种界定和高级系统发育的贝叶斯方法。她最近致力于东亚其他广泛分布的无尾两栖类物种景观之间的相互作用,如花背蟾蜍(Strauchbufo raddei)。在未来,Siti还对不同的领域感兴趣,包括稻田景观中动植物类群的进化生物学,以及人类活动对野生动物遗传模式的影响,从而更好地进行保护管理。

Dr. Siti N. Othman


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